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Garage Floor Coating in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Southern Alberta

Protect your garage floor for life, our winter conditions bring with them harmful road chemicals that will eat away at your garage floor slowly over time. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in life. You take pride in the ownership of your home. Give your garage the warm feel good treatment it deserves like our ZG-Shield Polyurea Flake Floor Coating. Our patented product is Canadian made therefore stands the test of time against our extreme weather conditions.

Canadian made therefore Installation can occur throughout all seasons


Resistant to the movement of hot tires
Resistant to almost all common household chemicals like calcium, salt, oil, gasoline and grease
1-day installation
20-year limited warranty on the adhesion to the substrate and adhesion of the layers
11 standard color options
Infinite custom color options, custom logo inlays, borders & perimeter walls

Comparative Table Of Products Offered By Our Competitors

This table will help you understand the differences between products available on the market. It will also help you distinguish real versus Polyurea imitations.
To be certain you buy a real Polyurea you must look for the following criteria – specifically the points highlighted in ORANGE.

Polyurethane or Polyaspartique
100% Epoxy

OdorNoneLow - ModerateLow - Moderate
Duration of work1 Day2 Day3 Day
Drying time before being able to walk on it3 Hours12 Hours24 Hours
Vehicle can be parked after24 Hours2-3 Days4-6 Days
Volatile organic compoundsNoneLowLow
100% Environmentally friendly (LEED)
Wall and outer edge
Written manufacturer's warranty20 Years5 Years and more5 Years
Manufacturer brand displayedZG-SHIELD®UnknownedUnknowned
Needs a coat every 5 years
Resistance to hot tires
Salt stain resistant
UV resistant
Non splippery without silica
Installation temperature-30 to 50 degree4 to 35 degree10 to 30 degree
Pot life20 minutes1 hour1 hour
Outdoor installation

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